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  I have always enjoyed sewing and crocheting.  Recently when I started doing both again, my husband was surprised at my talent as he had not had the opportunity to see any of my work prior.  I mostly gave my work away or did it for friends and family for free, mainly because it is and always was just a hobby and I love doing it. I have crochet for over 30 years and Sewn for over 35 years.
     Until one day , he finally said to me, "ya know hun, you really should consider trying to sell some of your work online or at craft shows".  You would do quite well, you do very nice work.  Then I started hearing the same from my aunts, mom and others in the family.
     So here I am, I couldn’t ignore all those supporting family members that thought strongly that I am that talented.  I haven’t had the chance to get the site up and have already sold several items.  I figure I better get this going before I have nothing left to sell.  I will be adding new items all the time.  I know I am not that big in product inventory yet, however I do hope to grow quickly with everyone’s support and help, including yours.
     I do aim on quality, satisfaction and a happy customer, I encourage feedback on the good or bad.  Any way to make something better would be a great thing to know and implement into my making process.  Without you I won't be successful!!!!! 
     I also do my best to customize if I can if you have an idea that you do not see.  I know I am just starting and do not have much as of yet.  If you are looking for something in particular email me and see if I can not find it for you and put it together.

Any clothing and materials of vinyl is not handmade!! So far I have had a LOT of fun divulging in the vinyl and custom card work. I can not wait to put your ideas to work as well.